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SHMP : Los Angeles
The 100 selected mentees in the LA area that attended the Mentoring Weekend had numerous powerful sessions where they learned a number of invaluable lessons. They learned from business professionals, entertainers and everyday citizens about how they came into the positions they hold today, why they chose the careers they did and how being a responsible man effects their day to day in their chosen field. 


Another session “Music Industry 101 and The Scratch Academy” gave the young men the inside track on what it takes to create and sustain a successful career in today’s fast paced music industry.  Whether in front of the mic or behind a mixing board, key music industry executives and entertainers gave the attendees a birds eye view into what this industry could really offer them. 
Participants also learned money- and energy-saving home improvement skills that would help their moms lower the costs of maintaining their home from some of Home Depot’s top brand vendors. The ‘HipHop Detoxx’ session used hip-hop, pop culture, live performance and the science of self-improvement (i.e. conflict resolution, character education and anger management) to assist the young men in their struggle to find validation. 
As we know, knowing the roles and responsibility of manhood is absolutely critical in the development of a young boy going into manhood. A boy without a male role model is like an explorer without a map, the 100 mentees learned how to navigate the road map to manhood with a frank one on one men only conversation with Steve Harvey.